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by Lyn (Children's Ministry)

Posted on April 4th, 2020 ()

Dear Parents,

During this difficult time when schools are closed indefinitely because of COVID-19, it can feel a little daunting to have to deal with the chaos resulting from this pandemic and still have to take care of your child’s learning. We would like to assure you that our ministry leaders are here for you at this time. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us when things get stressful.

If you are home with your kids, take advantage of this time as an opportunity when you can integrate education with our Christian values (e.g. Talk about stewardship when they are learning about biodiversity). Have fun with the extra time to build relationships with your children.

If you are looking for some ways to support your child’s academic learning, I have put together some resources that you can use. The highly recommended ones are marked with ‘***’. Every child and family is different, I hope you will find something you can enjoy with your kids.

In another blog post I have put together some homeschooling strategies. If you want more detailed guidance, visit the page: So How To Do This Homeschooling Business?

How precious is your steadfast love, O God! The children of mankind take refuge in the shadow of your wings. Psalm 36:7 (ESV)
  • Scholastics have 3 weeks of day by day curriculum that are easy to follow and with minimum planning on the parents’ part. Ages K-9 (Resources are provided for parents to guide the kids into the material)
  • Khan Academy*** has been providing high quality online learning videos for preschoolers to adults.The video lessons comes with lots of practice questions to prepare a child before moving on to the next lesson. Parents can simply select the subject and grade appropriate to each child. Each child will have an account where Khan Academy can send reports of the child's progress to parents via email. (Minimal teaching from parents required.)
  • Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. ***
    Fun and short animated learning videos on various subjects even including famous people. It comes with quizzes, key vocabularies, additional reading and other learning materials including games to support learning. (The videos are great for learning a concept that parents then can expand the learning through the resources given or from your own lesson plan)
  • Live It*** is a 10 weeks free online Educational Interactive classroom featuring themes on nature & animals. You must register in order to get the weekly secret link to the interactive classroom.
  • Raz Kids*** is a literacy and comprehension program in various reading levels.
  • UBC Geering up has gone live with their new YouTube science lessons. This is perfect for your science loving child. This can also work as a supporting resource for your lesson plans or as an educational show.
  • Kids Typing Club is a free typing program online.
  • Math Aids has lots of math worksheets for kids K-12. Great for practicing and sharpening math skills after learning a math concept.
  • K5 Learning provides worksheets for various subjects for K-5.
  • Kids of Integrity is a Christlike character-building curriculum for children ages 3-10 created by Focus on the Family Association.
  • Lalilo is a French literacy app made for K-2. Students travel through themed worlds as they accomplish their learning journey.

Faith based resources


  • Bible for kids
  • Superbook
  • YouVersion Bible

Here are some Math games to play:




Math Apps

  • Sushi Monster: Addition and multiplication game
  • Ten Frame Mania: Addition and subtraction using ten frame
  • Geoboard
  • Sudoku

Some active breaks ideas



Online Story

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    April 4th, 2020  ()
    by Lyn (Children's Ministry)

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