Additional Family Resources

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Posted on April 30th, 2020 ()

Additional Family Resources

Home Learning:

Well-Being BC is a project of the Federation of Independent Schools Association (FISA) and the BC Ministry of Education; a school-based mental health initiative supporting three pillars of well-being: Social Emotional Learning, Mental Health Literacy, and Trauma-Informed Approaches.

Check out their Home Learning video series that show effective strategies you can use in home settings to better support your children in acquiring the skills they need for social, emotional and behavioural well-being and thriving.

Parenting: Love and Logic:

An approach to parenting based on building caring and respectful relationships with your children to help them form a foundation for good behaviour and healthy decision making. For those of you whose children attend Vancouver Christian School, you are likely familiar with the Love and Logic approach which is used by their educators.

The online parenting course is currently free until the end of April. It consists of a father-son duo who share their relatable and funny parenting stories and strategies. The videos look dated but the content is still relevant! If you decide to take the course, you have access to the materials for three months.

Family Faith Formation:

Check out the following from the Society of Christian Schools in BC for great suggestions for family faith formation during the pandemic. Great tips for how to foster genuine relationships, cultivate spiritual disciplines, create leadership capacity, developing a heart for others, and engaging in the journey of faith together as a family.

SCSBC Family Faith Formation

(604) 324-6110 |
6215 Main St. Vancouver, BC V5W 2T9